What are the things you need to avoid keeping in the bathroom?

You may have a habit to keep all the items in the bath which you use daily. But the bathroom has a damp environment. This is not suitable for keeping so many items. Even kitchen and bath renovation suggest avoiding too much clutter.

Hence, before going ahead check out what these items are.

  1. Towels

Do not mix humidity with your towels. It leads to damp air. Also, below the sink of the bathroom, there are too many bacteria. Hence, do not keep towels there.  You can still store the towel on the bathroom door hook. But this is advised for a week or else it may become dirty.

  1. Razor blades or razors

You may think that razors are used when you are going for a bath. So, you feel it comfortable to keep it in the bathroom. However, humidity may make the razor blades dull or even rust them. Thus, to use razors for a longer time, store it somewhere apart from the bath. Kitchen and bath renovationhave worked upon storing razors in airtight plastic bags.

  1. Makeup related items

This includes everything from makeup brushes to pallets. You are used to keeping makeup in the bathroom because of the mirror. But this is the last place where your makeup should be. Instead of storing it, you can keep it at a dry place after use. Due to the humid environment, makeup may get damaged. For example, liquids or certain gel-based makeup can get affected. Also, makeup brushes can get bacteria or fungi over it. So, avoid keeping these items in the bathroom.

  1. Perfume

It is mentioned that perfume should be kept away from high humidity or heat. Hence, it is better to keep the perfume bottles in dressing cupboards placed in your bedroom. Their moist condition is less or nil.

  1. Bathrobe

Similar to towels, avoid keeping a bathrobe in the bathroom. It may start to smell if kept there. It is better to keep it in the bedroom where proper ventilation is there.

  1. Books and Magazines

If you store books and magazines in the bathroom, water mayday damage it. Another cause of the trouble is, certain molds can destroy the paper. So, it is suggested to store the books outside of the bathroom where the shelf is placed.

  1. Medicines

It is advised to keep medicines in place which is cool or dry. The bathroom is full of humidity which can make medicines bad before its expiry date. It is better to store medicine in the fridge or closet.

  1. Jewelry

Some people have a habit of keeping jewelry in the bathroom. But you should reconsider this. It is known that in humid environment jewelry gets damaged. Silver or any other metal may tarnish fast. Put the jewelry in a proper box placed in the closet or dressing room.